Looking through the window of my grandparents' home in Darjeeling, the flowers and the trees were etched against the mountain sky.  This collection was inspired from that memory.


The most special of all jewellery is that which marks that most profound decision of our hearts.  I create unique bridal jewellery which reflects this beautiful time in life. 


Sophisticated and beautiful, yet simple enough to wear every day.


This collection is inspired by the textures and motifs in Tibetan traditional art.

Padma Lotus

This collection celebrates the tranquillity of the sacred lotus in Eastern tradition.

Saengduan Disc

The Saengduan Disc collection has attracted much press interest and been featured during Milan Fashion Week. With a fresh exuberance, this collection transends the conventions of classical pearl jewellery.

Felice Rings

Felice, Italian for Happy.  This collection of rings is a personal expression of my love for coloured gemstones, their vibrant diversity and their ability to fill our hearts with joy.  

Eastern Star

The Eastern Star collection evokes the mystical exuberance of the Orient.

Diamond Leaf Collection

With a subtle and feminine beauty, the Diamond Leaf collection excites with organic shapes in exquisite settings.

Diamond Jewellery

These pieces reflect our enduring fascination with that most precious of stones, diamond.